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李艳伟 南京信息工程大学 气象灾害预报预警与评估协同创新中心/中国气象局气溶胶与云降水重点开放实验室, 江苏 南京 210044 
全鑫 南京信息工程大学 气象灾害预报预警与评估协同创新中心/中国气象局气溶胶与云降水重点开放实验室, 江苏 南京 210044  
张泽锋 南京信息工程大学 气象灾害预报预警与评估协同创新中心/中国气象局气溶胶与云降水重点开放实验室, 江苏 南京 210044  
中文关键词:CCN  参数化方案  层状云降水
Numerical research of CCN concentration and its parameterization scheme's influence on a stratiform precipitation process
Abstract:Atmospheric aerosol possesses the characteristics of indirect radiative forcing,i.e.part of the particles in the aerosol are activated as CCN to form cloud droplets,which are then able to change the radiation characteristics of the cloud and affect the micro-physics in the cloud.The influence of CCN on cloud and precipitation is very complex.In order to study this process,we designed two sets of experiments.The WDM6 two-parameter microphysical scheme is incorporated into the mesoscale WRF (V3.7) to simulate a stratiform precipitation over the East China region from 12:00 July 26,2014 to 6:00 July 28,2014.By changing the number of initial cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) in the model and parameterization scheme,sensitivity experiments were used to analyze the simulation results.The first experiment used double bi-directional nesting to perform the simulation.The initial concentration of CCN is based on the default of 108 kg-1 in the WRF model,which is roughly equivalent to 100 cm-3,representing the CCN condition in a very clean area and performing the control test.The other representative values of CCN are 109 kg-1,4×109 kg-1 and 1010 kg-1,respectively corresponding to approximately 1 000 cm-3,4 000 cm-3 and 10 000 cm-3,representing the CCN concentrations in the cleaner,contaminated and heavily contaminated areas.The results show that the influence of CCN concentration on precipitation is complex and nonlinear.With the increase of the CCN concentration,the precipitation increases.The mixing ratio of cloud water and graupel always shows a rising trend;however,the mixing ratio of rainwater shows the tendency of first increasing,then decreasing,then increasing again.The mixing ratio of ice crystal,by contrast,first decreases,then increases,then decreases again.In addition,the mixing ratio of snow crystals first increases,then decreases.In addition to the above control and sensitivity experiments,another experiment was set up to further analyze the influence of the CCN parameterization scheme on the precipitation process by changing the parameterization scheme of CCN activation.The two-parameter scheme is Nccn=C·Sk,where the parameters C and K are respectively set to 1 596 and 0.46;and the three-parameter scheme is Nccn=N0 (1-exp(-BSk)),where N0,B and K are respectively set to 1 510,4 and 1.1.All of the parameters are obtained by using the observation data from Huangshan for the time range of June 30 to July 28,2014,by Qing Miao.The results show that there are differences between the two simulated precipitation areas.Compared with the two-and three-parameter schemes,the simulated rainfall area is slightly different,and the precipitations of both are higher than that of the real-time precipitation,and the precipitation simulated by the three-parameter scheme is more realistic.After the precipitation has occurred,the concentration of CCN in the three-parameter scheme is always higher than that in the two-parameter scheme,and the value of CCN concentration undergoes little change.The results of the two-parameter scheme show that the warm-cloud precipitation is strengthened,and the cold-cloud precipitation is slightly weakened.The results of the three-parameter scheme show that the warm-cloud precipitation is weaker,while the cold-cloud precipitation is stronger.
keywords:cloud condensation nuclei  parameterization scheme  stratiform cloud precipitation
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